I am a catalan visual artist born and raised in sunny Barcelona, Spain. I firstly graduated in Graphic Design at Escola Llotja, and several years after that I did an Illustration Degree and a Concept Art Master at Escola Joso, where I teach storyboarding and storytelling. I love working in painting, illustration, comic book creation and animation, in visual development and art direction.
My comic book work have been published by Norma Editorial in Spain within the multiple authors book called "Vinyetari". 
Clients, employers or collaborators
Amuse Animation, Imagic TV, B-Water Studios, WideFrameStudio, Nov25Studio, PeBeStudio, Carles Rodrigo Studio, Veranda, Reafilma, CANADA, TWENTYFOURSEVEN, Petra Garmon, Primo, Widescope, Vampire, WECAR Content Solutions, HivernDiscs, Banc Sabadell, Raona Enginyers SL, The Lovers